Occasionally, a candidate receives money that is not a contribution. Typical examples are bank interest, vendor refunds, and a reimbursement from another campaign for shared expenses.

These funds are deposited in the campaign bank account and reported as an "other receipt" on a C-3 report… read more

The Public Disclosure Commission is soliciting comment on proposed rules that would update F-1 filing requirements and clarify the process for reporting modification requests.

The rules will be the subject of a public hearing at 9:45 a.m. Jan. 28, 2021. Written comments should be submitted… read more

If you're a candidate who wants to urge people to vote, your unpaid volunteers can help you with that. They can call or email people and urge them to vote or explain how to register to vote.

But when you spend your campaign contributions, you must use those funds to encourage people to… read more

With the 2021 legislative session just around the corner, you may find you need to create a new contract for a lobbyist employer.

Start with the File Online link at the top right of the PDC homepage. Choose Lobbyists and Lobbyist Employers (L-1, L-2, and L-3).

Log in to the… read more

The Legislature recently passed Substitute Senate Bill 6152 dealing with foreign involvement and financing in campaign activities. The new law prohibits foreign national financing or involvement in campaign-related contribution or expenditure activity. The law also requires entities to certify… read more

The Public Disclosure Commission is soliciting comment on proposed permanent rules to implement a new state law regarding foreign involvement and financing in campaign activities.

Earlier this year, the Legislature passed Substitute Senate Bill 6152 prohibiting foreign national financing… read more

Wondering what you may do with campaign funds remaining when the election's over?

After you've repaid any loans to the campaign, whatever's left is surplus campaign funds. There are seven ways that you may use that leftover money.

Some of those ways are:

Donate to a charity… read more

Updated Jan. 14, 2021

Dealing with COVID-19 means that we do a lot of things differently, including lobbying. You probably won't invite the whole Legislature to a reception for a while. But what if you send the drinks and snacks to them? Or schedule a Zoom happy hour?

Treat… read more

With ballot counts beginning to wind down this week, many candidates will be looking to close out their PDC reporting. Things to consider when wrapping up that campaign:

If you still have debts or loans, you may continue to fundraise until Dec. 31. Remember that contribution limits for… read more

Commission adopts focus areas to meet strategic plan

The Commission approved five major focus areas for the agency as it works toward the values outlined in the PDC's strategic plan.

Commission Chairman David Ammons said the five projects align with the PDC's mission of promoting… read more