Posted on
November 05, 2020

With ballot counts beginning to wind down this week, many candidates will be looking to close out their PDC reporting. Things to consider when wrapping up that campaign:

If you still have debts or loans, you may continue to fundraise until Dec. 31. Remember that contribution limits for your contributors from before the election count towards the contributions given after the election.

If you were a mini filer, you are not required to file a final C-4 report.

Full filers will need to file a post-general C4 (and C-3s if necessary) by Dec. 10 and a final C-4 by Jan. 10 (due to January 10 falling on a Sunday, the report is due on the next business day, Jan. 11) if there are no outstanding debts, loans or other obligations and the surplus funds have been disposed of.

If the campaign still has obligations or debts and cannot file a final report by Jan. 11, it should continue to file on the 10th of the month (covers previous calendar month or period since last report) whenever expenditures made total $200 or more since the last C-4 report was filed. If there is a campaign surplus, but no new expenditures, no C-4 reports are required until campaign financial activity resumes.

Enjoy the quiet time before the next campaign season!