April 08, 2015

Andrea McNamara Doyle, Executive Director of the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission, has announced her resignation, effective May 31, 2015.

"I would like to thank Andrea for her excellent leadership," said Grant Degginger, Chair of the Public Disclosure Commission. "Under her management, the Commission has continued to fulfill its mission with fewer resources while at the same time developing an innovative plan to improve customer service through strategic investments in new technology. She has inspired innovation throughout the agency."

Ms. Doyle was appointed Executive Director in August 2011. "I am proud of my efforts to guide the agency through a prolonged and difficult period of downsizing. Together with a strong, committed Commission and a small but dedicated staff, we have addressed myriad challenges posed by antiquated technology, continuous growth in campaign spending and the related increase in complaints about illegal campaign activity, repeated attacks on the fundamental principles underpinning our state's award-winning disclosure system, and the understandable frustration of the voting public whose trust and confidence in the political process is being tested on many levels," stated Ms. Doyle. "As a result of our work over the past 3-1/2 years, the agency is now well positioned to make meaningful progress when additional resources become available to support the Commission's urgent technology needs."

The Commission will meet later this week to discuss options for recruiting a new executive director and interim agency management.