Follow these steps to review or request the Public Disclosure Commission's public records:

Check our website.

The website contains millions of pages of documents available for viewing and copying. You do not need to make a formal request to view those records - just check the website. 

Request records that are not on the website.

You will be making a formal public records request under the Public Records Act.

How the process works:

  1. Submit an online request for the records you want.
  2. Within the next five business days, we will confirm that we received your request. If we are not able to give you the records right then, we will tell you when to expect them. If we are not sure we have the records you want, we'll tell you how long it will take for us to complete a search. Sometimes we need more information and ask you to answer questions by a given deadline. Make sure you answer our questions and provide the information we need by the deadline, otherwise your request will be closed. Let us know if you change your mind and decide that you don't want a record that you have requested.
  3. We provide the records to you, if we have them. For large requests or requests that require a lot of searching, the records will likely be delivered in installments. If we have records that are exempt from disclosure, we will tell you that we have them and why we are not giving them to you.
  4. Fees. The PDC's public records fee schedule explains our fees for producing records. Applicable fees must be paid before the records are provided.