Financial Disclosures By:Candidates 

Candidates periodically report campaign contributions, receipts, and expenditures. Browse and search campaign finances across the state, locally, or by jurisdiction. 

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Financial Disclosures By:Committees 

Committees are organized to support or oppose candidates and ballot measures in an election. Browse and search related campaign contributions and expenditures.

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Financial Disclosures By:People and Organizations That Lobby 

Follow the money for all lobbying contributions and expenditures.

Financial Disclosures By:Sponsors of Independent Expenditures 

Browse and search political advertising expenditures by individuals, organizations, and others in support or opposition of a candidate or ballot measure.

Financial Disclosures By:Elected & Appointed Officials

Browse and search for personal financial affairs disclosure statements by name and date. This view includes reports by candidates as well as elected and appointed officials, 


See who gave to campaigns, and how much they gave. Search contributions to all candidates and political committees since 2007.


Find out how campaigns spent their money. Search expenditures by all candidates and political committees since 2007.


Don’t see what you’re looking for, or do you just want to see everything? Search for all reports submitted by campaigns, lobbyists, elected officials, and others. 

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Open Data 

For advanced users, download and analyze raw PDC data, or develop applications to analyze data. 

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Historic Record-Setting Campaigns 

View record-setting campaign expenditures by candidates and ballot measure committees. 

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