February 02, 2017

The Public Disclosure Commission is seeking public comment on a **draft** interpretation regarding Seattle Democracy Vouchers.


In November 2015, Seattle voters approved I-222, which, among other things, adopted a Democracy Voucher Program to be administered by the Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission (SEEC). Under the Democracy Voucher Program, eligible Seattle residents will receive four $25 campaign contribution vouchers, and residents may give one or more voucher to any eligible candidate. Candidates who qualify to participate in the program will be able to convert each $25.00 voucher into a $25.00 campaign contribution and may use the money to finance selected campaign activities.

A Seattle resident wishing to contribute a voucher to a candidate has three options to assign his or her voucher. The resident may deliver the complete voucher to: (1) the candidate; (2) the SEEC; or (3) to a candidate's registered representative. A resident, or the candidate's representative, may deliver the voucher by mail, in person, or electronically by a secure SEEC online portal.

SEEC Request for Guidance:

The SEEC asked the state's Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) to consider:

  • Whether Democracy Vouchers are contributions, and subject to the rules applicable to contributions? and
  • Whether the "bundling" provisions of RCW 42.17A apply to the bundling of Democracy Vouchers?

Read the PDC Staff analysis and Commissioner comments from the January 26th, 2017 commission meeting.

Comment on the Draft Interpretation which will be discussed at the February 23rd, 2017 commission meeting.