Posted on
October 28, 2020

Lobbyists planning to lobby in 2021 and 2022 can complete their registration for the next biennium now.

State law requires registered lobbyists to file a new registration statement every two years. The deadline is the second Monday in January of odd-numbered years. Failure to do so terminates the lobbyist's registration.

Before lobbyists register for the new biennium, they must certify that they have taken the latest version of the Legislative Code of Conduct training.

The conduct training was updated Oct. 26, 2020, so if you completed the training last year you must take it again.

Lobbyists can certify completion of the updated training and provide the date it was completed in the "edit lobbyist information" screen of the PDC lobbyist reporting system.

Questions about the code of conduct training itself should be directed to

For help with the PDC's lobbyist reporting system, see our short video tutorials. Answers to frequently asked questions and more detailed instructions on lobbyist reporting are available on our website.

PDC staff also are available to help. Please email