October 15, 2020
October 17, 2022

We're now in the 21 days before the general election.

During these 21 days, campaigns for candidates on the general election ballot may not accept more than $7,500 from any donor, even the candidate (An exception: the state committee of a major or minor political party may give more). Registered political committees may not accept more than that either, except for committees that support or oppose a ballot measure.

If any donor gives $1,500 or more to a candidate or political committee during these 21 days, the recipient must report that within 48 hours of receiving the contribution. Report the contribution by filing a C-3 report within 48 hours, or file a report of last minute contributions. Submit a report of last minute contributions online

Political donors may have to report too. If a political committee, lobbyist, or lobbyist employer donates $1,500 or more total during these 21 days to a candidate on the general election ballot or to a political committee, the contributor should submit a last minute contribution report within 24 hours.

On the electronic form, take note of the Received and Made buttons in the first section of the form. If you got the contribution, click "Received." If you gave the contribution, click "Made."

If you report giving or receiving a contribution with an LMC report, you still have to report the contribution on your regular PDC reporting forms the same as you would report a contribution or expenditure during the rest of the year.