Posted on
January 05, 2021

In the PDC lobbying system, navigate to your lobbyist or lobbyist employer page. You'll see the names of every employer that you've lobbied for. Next to the employer's name is the word amend.

Click on amend. This is where you can change the details of your contract with this employer.

One section shows the months that you have lobbied, or will lobby, for your employer. There are check boxes for each month. If you try to submit a monthly L-2 report and can't find the month that you need to file for, check this section and make sure that the box for that month is checked.

This section is also where you indicate that you have stopped lobbying for your employer. Simply remove the check mark from the box for each month that you will not lobby for that employer.

After you submit an L-2 report, the box for that month will usually turn gray. You won't be able to remove the check mark to indicate that you didn't lobby for that employer in that month.

There's one exception: If you submit an L-2 report with no pay or other compensation from that employer, the box won't turn gray and you could remove the check mark.

If you make changes to your employment contract, scroll to the bottom, type I Certify with no punctuation in the box and click the Submit to PDC button to save your changes.