November 03, 2021

The PDC is seeking comments on recently proposed amendments to regulations regarding digital political advertising disclosure.  The proposed rules are the product of a multi-year engagement by the PDC to study the evolving digital media landscape and how it is used in political advertising. 

The main changes addressed in this proposal include:

  • Permitting additional time for a commercial advertiser to respond to a request for inspecting records, where the sponsor has not identified an order as political advertising;
  • Requiring the commercial advertiser selling the ad to provide its own identification with the ad if it is published on another platform; and
  • Clarifying the scope of demographic information a digital advertiser is required to maintain for public inspection.

The Commission is soliciting written comment on this proposal for consideration at a public hearing scheduled for Dec. 2, 2021. Read the text of the proposed amendments on the PDC website.

Anyone interested may submit written comments to the Commission no later than Monday, November 29.  Comments should be sent electronically to  The Dec. 2 hearing will be conducted remotely through video conference, livestreamed at

Persons interested in providing public comment at the hearing should contact the PDC at by Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2021 in order to receive instructions on how to participate.

Comments on the rules received by the PDC:

Washington Association of Broadcasters

Tallman Trask

Campaign Legal Center