April 26, 2021
If you work for a government agency city, county or state in Washington, your agency may need to report lobbying.
Your agency may have hired a contract lobbyist, or employees of your agency may need to report lobbying activity. Check our public agency lobbying instructions if you're not sure whether your agency's activities need to be reported.
If you do need to report lobbying by a government body, the way to do that is with a quarterly report called the L-5. It is an electronic form that you submit through the PDC website.
Only one person can register to file L-5 reports for your agency. If someone registered for your agency and you need to change to another person, contact the PDC. We can clear out the old registration to make room for the new filer.
Submit an L-5 for each quarter in which someone lobbies for your agency you don't have to file for a quarter in which no one lobbied. The L-5 is due by the end of the month after the end of the quarter.