April 15, 2022

Several new features are rolling out this month for users of ORCA (Online Reporting of Campaign Activity). Here are some of the highlights:

In Contributions

  • You'll find a new web-based user interface for entering monetary, in-kind and anonymous contributions, as well as contribution refunds.
Screenshot of ORCA contribution screen


  • You can also import a CSV (Comma Separated Values) list of monetary contributions. The system will create new contacts, if needed, from your spreadsheet and check for duplicate contacts based on similar names.


Screenshot of ORCA Import CSV contribution


In Contacts

  • You can import a list of contacts from a CSV (Comma Separated Values) spreadsheet. You'll be prompted to complete a contact entry if you inadvertently leave out required information. 
Screenshot of ORCA import contacts


  • You can search contacts and edit information such as addresses, employment information, or contribution/expenditure amounts for each contact by clicking on the contact name link.
Screenshot of ORCA contact links edit search


  • And you can check for duplicates. 
Screenshot of ORCA search for dupes



If you have questions, contact us at pdc@pdc.wa.gov