April 05, 2023

The Commission has issued proposed rules to update references to reflect recent inflationary adjustments made to the campaign finance laws.

This proposed rulemaking follows up on recently adopted rules making inflationary adjustments to the monetary limits and reporting values of the campaign finance category. (See WSR 23-07004 adopting changes to WAC 390-05-400 & WAC 390-16-034.) This proposed rule updates the references to the newly adjusted values throughout the PDC rules, Title 390 WAC.

The recently adopted rules that made inflationary adjustments to the reporting values and contribution limits did not change the references to those amounts in the remainder of the PDC rules. This new rulemaking is necessary to update the references to the new (correct) values in order to provide consistency and clarity throughout the rules.

The proposed changes (below) are technical, do not have substantive effect, and will clarify references with the recently adopted adjusted monetary values.

Political committees—qualifications to contribute

Sponsor identification of advertising, political advertising, electioneering communications, and independent expenditures 

Incidental committees—Registration and reporting requirements and method for reporting

This rule is being proposed under an expedited rulemaking process (RCW 34.05.353(3)) that will eliminate the need for the agency to hold public hearings, prepare a small business economic impact statement, or provide responses to the criteria for a significant legislative rule. If you object to this use of the expedited rulemaking process, you must express your objections in writing and they must be sent to:

Sean Flynn
Public Disclosure Commission
711 Capitol Way South, Suite 206
Olympia WA 98504 Email: pdc@pdc.wa.gov

Objections must be received by May 22, 2023