July 06, 2023

Nancy Isserlis is the new chair of the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission.  

Isserlis, elected by her fellow commissioners at a meeting June 22 in Spokane, said she’s excited to take over as chair. She succeeds Fred Jarrett, who served as chair for two years. 

“The PDC has made great progress in the past few years in resolving cases quickly, keeping candidates and the public informed about money in politics, and being on the forefront of changing technologies and how they affect elections, for better or worse,” Isserlis said. “I’m excited to lead the Commission as we continue to tackle these issues and more.”  

The Commission also unanimously voted to elect Commissioner Allen Hayward as vice chair.  

Isserlis will be the first chair from Spokane since Michael Connelly, who served on the PDC board from 2001 to 2006. Isserlis noted that the PDC’s trip to Spokane for its June regular meeting was the Commission’s first meeting outside Olympia in recent memory, and said she hopes the commission will continue to venture out beyond the state capital.  

PDC commissioners are appointed by the governor and approved by the state Senate. Isserlis has served on the Commission since 2020. An attorney since 1981, Isserlis currently works in private practices, and has previously served as the Spokane City Attorney, as the Regional Directing Attorney for Columbia Legal Services; as a member of the boards of Pioneer Human Services, the Endowment for Equal Justice, and the Washington State Bar Association Board of Governors. She is a past chair of the Spokane City Ethics Committee. 

The Public Disclosure Commission is led by a board of five commissioners who set PDC policy and interpret and enforce campaign finance and disclosure laws in RCW 42.17A and WAC 390.