December 13, 2023

The Public Disclosure Commission unanimously voted to adopt inflationary adjustments for lobbying reporting thresholds after a public hearing during its Dec. 7 meeting. The new reporting thresholds take effect on January 8, 2024.

The thresholds will be in effect for January reporting due in February. December reporting due in January will fall under previous thresholds.

The inflationary adjustments to lobbying thresholds are a continuation of a broader effort to update thresholds throughout the state‚Äôs political disclosure rules. The Commission approved inflationary adjustments to reporting requirements for candidates and campaigns earlier this year.  

These inflationary adjustments amend WAC 390-20-150 and WAC 390-05-400

Changes to lobbying reporting thresholds

Lobbying reporting thresholds

Current Value

Value Jan. 8, 2024

Threshold for reporting members of a lobbyist employer entity who pay dues or fees (RCW 42.17A.600(1))



Limit for "casual lobbying" exemption from registration for lobbying expenses in a three-month period (RCW 42.17A.610(5))



Threshold for itemizing expenditures on entertainment and food or beverage for public officials (RCW 42.17A.615(2))



Threshold for reporting monthly contributions by lobbyist employer (RCW 42.17A.630(2))



Limit on expenditure of nonpublic funds on behalf of any public officer in connection with agency lobbying (RCW 42.17A.635(5)(d)(v)(B))



Threshold of expenditure activity for registration as a grassroots lobbying campaign (RCW 42.17A.640(1))

$700 per month

$1,400 per three-month period

$1,500 per month

$3,000 per three-month period

Threshold for reporting the identity of contributors to a grassroots campaign (RCW 42.17A.640(2))



Lobbyist contributions

Last minute contribution

Current Value

Value as of Jan. 8, 2024
Threshold for lobbyists and lobbyist employers reporting making a last-minute contribution (RCW 42.17A.625)




Reports by employers of registered lobbyists, other persons

Special political expenditures

Current Value

Value as of Jan. 8, 2024

Aggregate threshold for special report (C-7) by nonindividuals who make contributions or independent expenditures (RCW 42.17A.630(1))

$20,000/contributions per year

$1,000/independent expenditures per year

$24,000 per year

$1,200 per year

Threshold for reporting compensation paid to elected officials (or family) on the C-7 special report (RCW 42.17A.630(1))