Loans to Candidates and Political Committees


This data set contains candidate and political committee loan information for the last 17 years.

Data includes loans received, loan repayments, interest payments, and loans forgiven.

Descriptions attached to this dataset do not constitute legal definitions; please consult RCW 42.17A and WAC Title 390 for legal definitions and additional information regarding political finance disclosure requirements.

CONDITION OF RELEASE: This publication and or referenced documents constitutes a list of individuals prepared by the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission and may not be used for commercial purposes. This list is provided on the condition and with the understanding that the persons receiving it agree to this statutorily imposed limitation on its use. See RCW 42.56.070(9) and AGO 1975 No. 15.

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Field Name Data Type Description
amount number The amount of the reported transaction.
carry_forward_loan text This column is not populated yet. If the loan in this row has been carried forward from a previous campaign, this field will be marked True. The amount of the carry-forward loan represents the outstanding balance that was owed at the end of the previous campaign, and is now being assumed by the current campaign.
cash_or_in_kind text The type of loan this is. A loan can be given in cash where re-payment in cash is expected. A loan can be in-kind where something of value is given to the campaign and cash re-payment is expected.
committee_id number The unique identifier of a committee. For a continuing committee, this id will be the same for all the years that the committee is registered. Single year committees and candidate committees will have a unique id for each year even though the candidate or committee organization might be the same across years. Surplus accounts will have a single committee id across all years.
description text This column is not populated yet. The reported description of the loan. In the case of a carry-forward loan, this will contain the committee name and election year of the campaign that originally incurred the loan.
election_year number The election year in the case of candidates and single election committees. The reporting year in the case of continuing political committees.
employers_city text City of the lender's/endorser's (guarantor's) employer. Refer to the occupation field to see when this field applies.
employers_state text State of the lender/endorser's (guarantor's) employer. Refer to the occupation field to see when this field applies.
endorser_liable_amount number If the loan is endorsed by another entity, the amount the endorser (guarantor) is responsible for is listed here. Loan endorsements are rare occurrences. This column is reported as "0" if there is no endorser.
filer_id text The unique id assigned to a candidate or political committee. The filer id is consistent across election years with the exception that an individual running for a second office in the same election year will receive a second filer id. There is no correlation between the two. For a candidate and single-election-year committee such as a ballot committee, the combination of filer_id and election_year uniquely identifies a campaign.
filer_name text The candidate or committee name as reported on the form C1 candidate or C1PC political committee registration form. The name will be consistent across all records for the same filer id and election year but may differ across years due to candidates or committees changing their name.
id text PDC internal identifier that corresponds to a loan record.
jurisdiction text The political jurisdiction associated with the office of a candidate or a local ballot initiative..
jurisdiction_county text The county associated with the jurisdiction of a candidate or local ballot initiative. Multi-county jurisdictions are reported as the primary county. This field will be empty for political committees and when a candidate jurisdiction is statewide.
jurisdiction_type text The type of jurisdiction this office is: Statewide, Local, etc.
legislative_district text The Washington State legislative district. This field only applies to candidates where the office is "state senator" or "state representative."
lenders_address text The lender's or endorser's (guarantor's) address.
lenders_city text The lender's or endorser's (guarantor's) city.
lenders_employer text The name of the lender's/endorser's (guarantor's) employer. The names appearing here have not been normalized and the same entity may be represented by different names in the dataset. Refer to the contributor occupation field to see when this field applies.
lenders_name text The name of the individual or organization making or endorsing the loan as reported.
lenders_occupation text The occupation of the lender. A loan is a contribution until it is repaid. This field only applies to contributions by individuals and only when an individual gives a campaign or committee funds that exceed the aggregate limit for the election cycle (calendar year for continuing political committees).
lenders_state text The lender's or endorser's (guarantor's) state.
lenders_zip text The lender's or endorser's (guarantor's) zip code.
lender_or_endorser text A loan always has a lender; a loan can also be endorsed by another entity. This column specifies either "Lender" or "Endorser" (guarantor).
loan_due_date calendar_date The date specified in the loan agreement when loan re-payment is expected if any.
office text The office sought by the candidate. Does not apply to political committees.
origin text The form, schedule or section where the record was reported. L.1 represents a loan received. L.2 represents a loan repayment amount L.3 represents a loan forgiven amount. Please see for a list of forms and instructions. Schedule L to the C3 or C4 is the loan form.
party text The political party as declared by the candidate or committee on their form C1 registration. Contains only "Major parties" as recognized by Washington State law.
position text The position associated with an office. This field typically applies to judicial and local office that have multiple positions or seats. This field does not apply to political committees.
primary_general text Candidates subject to contribution limits must specify whether a loan is designated for the primary or the general election. Contributions to candidates not subject to limits, political committees and continuing political committees apply to the full election cycle.
receipt_date calendar_date The date the loan was received.
repayment_schedule text The agreement between the lender and the committee as to when the loan will be repaid.
report_number text PDC identifier used for tracking the loan records. The report number is unique to the report it represents. When a report is amended, a new report number is assigned that supersedes the original version of the amended report and the original report records are not included in this dataset.
transaction_type text An explanation of this row. The row could represent a loan "Received", a loan "Payment", loan "Interest, or loan "Forgiven".
type text Indicates if this record is for a candidate or a political committee. In the case of a political committee, it may be either a continuing political committee, party committee or single election year committee.
url url A link to a PDF version of the original report as it was filed to the PDC.