Party preference   

Party preference must be included in any form of advertising about a candidate seeking election to a partisan office, regardless of who sponsors the ad.

Official symbols or logos adopted by the state committee of the party may be used to indicate a candidate's party preference in political advertisements instead of words. Acceptable abbreviations that may be used for party preference are:

Communist:  Com

Constitution:  CP



Democrat:  D, Dem, Demo 

Independent or unaffiliated:  Ind, Indep

Libertarian:  L, LP, LBT, LBTN



Progressive, P, PP, Prog



Republican:  R, GOP, Rep (use Rep only if it does not falsely imply the candidate is an incumbent State Representative)

Socialist:  Soc

Socialist Workers:  Soc Workers, SWP


At least one candidate photo used in the ad must have been taken in the last five years. It can be no smaller than the largest photo in the ad.

Candidate "terms" in ads:

Incumbent is the person who is in the office now, regardless of whether the individual was appointed or elected.
Re-Elect means that the candidate holds the office now by election and is seeking another term in the same office OR that the candidate was elected to the office in the past, but is not the incumbent, in which case the ad must clearly state that the candidate is not the incumbent.
Retain can be used for any incumbent.
Return represents that the candidate holds, or has previously held, the office being sought.
Do not falsely imply incumbency in a political advertisement about a candidate who does not hold the office. Recommended format:  Elect Tracy Jones Auditor or Tracy Jones for Auditor.