Situations when sponsor identification is not required

Sponsor ID is not required for the following items:

  • Campaign paraphernalia, including novelty or sundry items intended for individual distribution and use, with a printing surface area smaller than 4" x 15", including expandable surface area such as a balloon when expanded, or where such identification is otherwise impractical to provide a readable text.
  • If the printing surface on a T-shirt is smaller than 4" x 15", no sponsor ID is required.
  • Newspaper ads of one column inch or less (excluding online ads)
  • Reader boards where a message is affixed in movable letters, or skywriting
  • State or local voter's pamphlets published pursuant to law
  • Yard signs - size 4' x 8' or smaller. This exemption will expire June 5. Read more here.

The sponsor's name & address may be left off of a political ad that meets all of the following criteria: 

  • the sponsor is an individual acting on his or her own behalf, independent of any candidate, political committee or organization, who personally produces and distributes the ad (or pays for it to be produced and/or distributed);
  • the sponsor receives no contributions or other support to produce and distribute the ad;
  • no more than $50 in the aggregate is spent for online advertising or $100 in the aggregate for any other type of advertising; and
  • the advertising is EITHER distributed through the individual's social media site, personal website, or similar online forum where information is produced and disseminated only by the individual OR  a letter, flier, handbill, text or email from the individual that does not appear in a newspaper or comparable mass publication.