Commission to review updates and take comment on campaign finance and lobbying disclosure rules, discuss trends in how campaigns and local governments communicate with voters, and hear enforcement cases

June 14, 2023 

The Washington State Public Disclosure Commission is meeting in… read more

The Public Disclosure Commission is beginning the process of making inflationary adjustments to lobbying reporting requirements, similar to the recent move to adjust campaign finance limits and thresholds.  

At the Commission’s May 25 meeting, PDC Executive Director Peter Frey Lavallee… read more

Gov. Jay Inslee has appointed retired Snohomish County-based appeals court judge J. Robert Leach to serve on the Washington state Public Disclosure Commission.  

In 2008, Leach was appointed to the state Court of Appeals in Snohomish County by Governor Christine Gregoire, and served on… read more

The Public Disclosure Commission voted Thursday to issue formal guidance regarding candidates’ use of unspent contributions received for a previous campaign for a different office.  

Under RCW 42.17A.490, a candidate who solicits contributions for a state, local, or judicial office may… read more

Commissioners discussed whether to reconsider PDC staff guidance on whether contribution limits apply when candidates transfer funds from a previous campaign to a subsequent campaign for a different office.

Longstanding guidance says that when a candidate transfers contributions left… read more

The Public Disclosure Commission will hold a special meeting to gather public comment on and consider two options for agency guidance regarding use of campaign money received for a different office than currently sought.

The meeting is at 9:30 a.m. Thursday, May 11, 2023. More… read more

The Commission heard a presentation from the Washington state People Powered Elections Coalition. Speakers were Cinthia Illan-Vazquez, executive director of The Washington Bus, a statewide movement focused on increasing political access and participation, and Cindy Black, executive director of… read more

The Commission has issued proposed rules to update references to reflect recent inflationary adjustments made to the campaign finance laws.

This proposed rulemaking follows up on recently adopted rules making inflationary adjustments to the monetary limits and reporting values of the… read more

At its February meeting, the Commission voted to make inflationary adjustments to campaign finance reporting thresholds and contribution limits. The new, higher limits take effect April 1, 2023.

The change in the reporting thresholds and contribution limits reflect changes in economic… read more

The Commission voted to make inflationary adjustments to campaign finance reporting thresholds and contribution limits. 

The commission is authorized by statute to periodically revise these values to reflect changes in economic conditions. The new limits are based on inflation since the… read more