Allen Hayward, former longtime legal counsel for members of the state House of Representatives, joins the Public Disclosure Commission as its newest commissioner this week.

Gov. Jay Inslee appointed Hayward to the Commission effective Sept. 21, 2021, for a term ending Dec. 31, 2025.… read more

Commissioners devoted much of their July meeting to discussing what the PDC might include in its request for new laws during the 2022 legislative session. They were joined by two lawmakers in that discussion.   Rep. Gerry Pollet spoke about his proposal on grassroots lobbying programs aimed at… read more

The PDC has created a new experience to help filers enter monetary expenditures for surplus funds and sub-vendors.

After the new update to ORCA self-installs, you will see some new features appear on the Monetary Expenditure transaction page.

Image… read more

The Commission voted to reappoint Fred Jarrett as chair and Nancy Isserlis as vice chair. Both had assumed those positions in January during a transition in leadership cycles. These new appointments will run for the full fiscal year, from July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022.

Jarrett joined… read more

On the ORCA expenditure screen you can view your current available cash on hand balance. You'll be able to use an Add More Expenses button to quickly enter several expense items into one expenditure transaction. Also note the drop-down arrows for vendor names, bank accounts, and expense item… read more

Commission issues order concerning pro bono legal work for Tim Eyman At the request of the Institute for Free Speech, the Commission issued an order concerning the Institute's plan to provide pro bono (without charge) legal services to Tim Eyman for an anticipated appeal of a ruling in a 2021… read more

Beginning June 1, C-3 deposit reports will be due on a weekly basis instead of monthly for candidates and committees participating in the 2021 election.

C-3 reports become due each Monday beginning June 1st. On Monday, June 7th, all deposit activity for the period of June 1-6 must be… read more

Monday, May 17 kicks off the 2021 candidate filing week in Washington state. Candidates who have filed for office with their county elections office or the Secretary of State should also check with the Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) about possible additional reporting requirements. If you're… read more
More campaign audit results released Four more completed audit reports of 2018 state Senate races were presented to the Commission. Audited candidates included two Republicans and two Democrats: Jeff Holy and Marty McClendon, and Emily Randall and Jessa Lewis.   The four new limited-scope… read more
If you work for a government agency city, county or state in Washington, your agency may need to report lobbying. Your agency may have hired a contract lobbyist, or employees of your agency may need to report lobbying activity. Check our public agency lobbying instructions if you're not sure… read more