Campaigns that wish to take an extra step to wind down their operations can file a notice of intent to dissolve. If a committee chooses to dissolve after filing a final report, it can submit a notice of intent at

By filing a notice, the committee will attest to the following:

  • The committee has concluded its activities in all respects and has ceased to function and intends to dissolve;
  • The committee has no outstanding debts or obligations, will not make any expenditure other than those related to the dissolution process, and will not engage in any political activity or any other activity that generates additional reporting requirements;
  • The committee has disbursed all funds and brought their bank account balance to zero.
  • No complaint or court action under RCW 42.17A is pending against the committee and it has not been informed by the commission of any possible violations or technical corrections which remain unresolved;
  • The committee has no outstanding penalties under RCW 42.17A as assessed by the commission or a court;
  • The committee accepts an ongoing obligation to maintain compliance with these conditions and an affirmative duty to notify the commission of any noncompliance; and
  • The treasurer is obligated to preserve books of account, bills, receipts, and all other financial records for five years, or as otherwise required by 42.17A.

The notice of intent will be posted on the PDC’s website

If, 60 days after the committee filed this notice of intent to dissolve, it remains in compliance with the above requirements and has not notified the commission in writing that it revokes its intent to dissolve, the committee shall be deemed to be dissolved. The executive director will acknowledge by electronic writing the committee’s dissolution, which will also be posted on the commission’s website.

If the committee has not met the requirements for dissolution, the executive director will notify the committee by electronic writing and explain the reasons it is ineligible to dissolve.

Dissolution does not relieve the candidate, elected official, or officers from any obligations to address violations that occurred before the committee was dissolved.