Anyone who believes there has been a violation of the laws or rules enforced by the commission may file a complaint. The complaint must be filed electronically using this online form on the PDC website.
All complaints filed with the PDC are public records. (The executive director may waive this requirement and allow the use of another written format on the basis of hardship.)
For a complaint to be processed by PDC staff, it must include:
  • A description of the alleged violation(s) and the name of the person or entity responsible ("respondent");
  • A reference to the law(s) or rule(s) violated;
  • All available documents and other documentary evidence or statements demonstrating a reason for believing that the violation(s) occurred;
  • Contact information for the person submitting the complaint ("complainant"); and
  • A certification under penalty of perjury oath that the complaint is complete, true, and correct.

File a complaint