The Washington State Public Disclosure Commission is meeting in Vancouver on Wednesday, April 24, as part of its commitment to hear directly from voters and members of the regulated community alike about how to improve public understanding of money in politics.  

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The Public Disclosure Commission will officially welcome its newest commissioner, retired attorney Jim Oswald, at its regular meeting on April 24 in Vancouver.  

Gov. Jay Inslee appointed Oswald to the Commission, effective April 1. 

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The Public Disclosure Commission’s regular meeting on Thursday, March 28 was the last for Commissioner Fred Jarrett, whose five-year term was up in December. State law allows commissioners to stay on the Commission until replacements are appointed.  

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The Public Disclosure Commission met Thursday, March 14 for a strategic planning retreat, which happens about once every two years, to discuss the agency’s goals and priorities going forward. 

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Commission plans rulemaking work for next six months 

At its meeting Feb. 22, the Public Disclosure Commission discussed plans for possible rulemaking during the first half of 2024. The focus areas, as proposed by PDC staff and approved by the Commission, are:  

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In an effort to better help filers find our training opportunities and resources, the Public Disclosure Commission has created a new Training and Resources page on its website at  

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Lobbying firms or lobbyist employers (groups that hire lobbying firms) are required to disclose when they also employ legislators or other state officials, or full-time employees of the State of Washington in the L-7 form. Lobbyist firms or employers must file the L-7 form within 15 days of… read more

The PDC has updated its ORCA online filing systems to allow your campaign to choose between treasurers when certifying C-3 and C-4 reports, if you have more than one treasurer active on your account.

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The Public Disclosure Commission met in person for the first time this year on Thursday, Jan. 25. Commission Chair Nancy Isserlis noted it was the first time all five current members of the board met in person.  

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The Public Disclosure Commission unanimously voted Dec. 7 to adopt new rules on grassroots lobbying activities.

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