If you’re a lobbyist, lobbyist employer, an organization engaging in grassroots lobbying, or a public agency engaged in lobbying, you’re in the right place to register and report lobbying expenses and activities.

Unsure if this applies to you? Learn who needs to report lobbying.

What constitutes lobbying

Lobbying is attempting to influence the passage or defeat of any legislation by the Washington State Legislature, or the adoption or rejection of any rule, standard, rate, or other legislative enactment of any state agency under the state Administrative Procedure Act, RCW 34.05.

Legislation includes:

  • Resolutions, motions, amendments, nominations and other matters pending or proposed in either house of the state legislature
  • Any other matter that may be subject to action by either house or by a legislative committee.
  • Bills and resolutions that have passed both houses and are pending approval by the governor.

Sometimes overlooked activities that are considered reportable lobbying:

  • Contacts with legislative staff constitute lobbying as staff recommendations regarding legislation play a significant role in the legislative process. Gift, travel and entertainment expenditures for legislative staffers are reportable.
  • Attempting to influence state agencies with respect to their “legislative” functions – setting rates, establishing standards to regulate industries and occupations. and adopting rules that become part of the Washington Administrative Code (WAC)
  • Indirect lobbying through a program addressed to the public, a substantial portion of which is intended to influence state legislation by providing a call to action.

Lobbying does not include an organization’s communications with its own members.


Register to lobby for a client.

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Lobbying activities to report

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Completing the report

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File a lobbyist monthly report

Lobbyist Employer Reporting

Approve your lobbyist’s registration and report your annual expenses.

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Grassroots Lobbying

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Public Agency Lobbying Reporting

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