If the lobbyist makes, transmits or delivers contributions to a political committee or a state or local candidate — whether from personal funds or on behalf of others — they are reportable.

Contributions delivered or transmitted on behalf of the lobbyist's employer or the lobbyist's PAC are attributed to that employer or PAC.

If the lobbyist does not transmit or deliver a contribution from the employer's PAC, but is aware that the PAC made contributions during the lobbyist's reporting period, the lobbyist is not required to report these contributions in detail, but should note the name of the PAC in the space provided in the Other PAC Contributions field.

If the lobbyist transmits or delivers contributions from other than his or her lobbyist employers, the amounts of those contributions are aggregated together and entered as not attributable to an employer. Note: If you will be transmitting or delivering contributions from someone other than a lobbyist employer, family members or an association of which you are a member, contact PDC staff to ensure that you are not running afoul of the prohibition on bundling.

Each contribution exceeding $25, including those delivered or transmitted from non-employers, must be itemized.

Typical reportable contributions by lobbyists and their employers include:

  • campaign contributions to candidates for statewide, legislative, judicial and local office;
  • contributions to political party organizations and other political committees;
  • tickets to caucus fund raisers
  • contributions to political committees supporting or opposing a state or local ballot proposition;
  • in-kind contributions (e.g., staff assistance, office space, equipment, postage and copying services);
  • donation or use of goods or services for less than fair market value;
  • donation of auction items, and
  • loans to an individual or political committee.

If the contribution is made close to an election, you may need to file a last-minute contribution report.

Lobbyist Employer's Direct Contributions: If the employer makes a direct contribution in excess of $110 to a state or local candidate or political committee and the lobbyist was not involved in the process, the lobbyist has no obligation to report the contribution. Nevertheless, the lobbyist may report the contribution on the L-2. If this is done, the lobbyist employer is relieved of reporting a non-PAC contribution on an L-3c report.

More details about campaign contributions by lobbyist employers -- including contribution restrictions and information about how limits apply -- is available in the lobbyist employer instructions.