Reportable lobbying

Lobbying takes many forms. Let's break it down so you disclose the right details.


Hosting even just one hospitality event could trigger registration and reporting requirements, and meals out require itemized reporting if the tab exceeds $100. Learn what you need to report.



Association Members as Hosts

Group Events

If you lead a large group that comes to Olympia to lobby the Legislature, you must register as a lobbyist. Find out to disclose one-time activities like rallies and lobby days.

One-Time Group Activities

Travel and seminars

If you pay for elected or appointed officials' trips you must report the expenditures.

Travel & Seminars

Communications and other expenses

If you pay for public relations efforts aimed at influencing legislation or agency rules, or you sponsor political advertising for a candidate or ballot measure, special reporting might apply.

Public Relations & Advertising

Campaign contributions

Learn which contributions the lobbyist must report, and how.

Making Campaign Contributions