New Hires

Any person registered or required to be registered as a lobbyist in Washington State or any employer of a person registered or required to be registered as a lobbyist who employs a member of the legislature, an employee of the legislature, a member of a state board or commission, or a full time state employee - if that employee remains partially employed by the state - must file PDC Form L-7 within 15 days of first employing the state official or employee.


Employers of lobbyists should also be aware that they must report, on the L-3 form, the identities of state elected officials, candidates for state office, and the immediate family members of these persons if the employer paid them in compensation during the calendar year for which the report is being filed.

In addition, payments for professional services to corporations, partnerships, joint ventures, associations, unions, or other entities in which the elected official, candidate or family member holds any office, directorship or any general partnership interest or ownership interest of 10% or more must also be reported.

PDC annually publishes a List of Elected Officials that identifies state officials and companies with which they are associated. Reviewing this list will help lobbyist employers identify those entities that were paid at least $2,400 for professional services, and that therefore need to be disclosed on the L-3.

Personnel officers and purchasing agents (as well as the accounting department) of lobbyists and lobbyist employers must be alert to these reporting requirements. Some lobbyists and employers include a question on employment applications to assist them in determining whether a relationship will be subsequently reportable.