Seattle attorney Jocelyn Cooney has joined the Public Disclosure Commission.

Gov. Jay Inslee appointed Cooney on Feb. 7, for a term that runs through Dec. 31, 2026.

A 2015 graduate of Seattle University School of Law, Cooney is a senior deputy prosecuting attorney in the King… read more

The Commission voted to adopt amendments to disclosure rules for providers of political advertising.

The primary changes:

Give commercial advertisers more time to respond to a request from the public to inspect records about ad buys in cases where the purchaser has not indicated… read more

The PDC is seeking input on a revised version of the proposed changes to rules that govern disclosure by political advertising providers, known as commercial advertisers. 

The Commission held a public hearing on December 2, 2021, on the original proposed rules, at which… read more

Initiative 276 created the PDC in 1972. Throughout this anniversary year, we'll be posting highlights from PDC history, and how the PDC carries on its important work today.

To start, take a look at a brief summary of how it all began.

Commissioners decided to move forward with pre-filing the PDC’s proposed legislation for the upcoming 2022 session, but to continue working with concerned groups to modify the proposal.

Comments from nonprofit groups objected to some provisions in proposed agency request legislation on… read more

If you are appointed to either elective office or an executive state officer position in December, you must file the Personal Financial Affairs Statement (F-1) between Jan. 1 and Jan. 15 of the immediate following year. The statement covers the preceding 12-month period ending on Dec. 31. RCW 42… read more

The Commission approved a request from the political committee A Better Seattle to lift a $1,000 limit on contributions from donors.

A Better Seattle, which registered with the PDC in October, supports a Dec. 7 recall vote against Seattle… read more

Commission members considered public comments as they worked to refine what the PDC will include in a request for new legislation in 2022. 

The proposed legislation would adjust campaign finance reporting schedules to reflect the state’s… read more

The PDC is seeking comments on recently proposed amendments to regulations regarding digital political advertising disclosure.  The proposed rules are the product of a multi-year engagement by the PDC to study the evolving digital media landscape and how it is used in political advertising… read more

Commission Chair Fred Jarrett welcomed new Commissioner Allen Hayward to his first meeting, following Hayward’s appointment two days earlier by Gov. Jay Inslee. 

Hayward is a former longtime legal counsel for members of the state House of Representatives. He said he looked forward… read more