More campaign audit results released Four more completed audit reports of 2018 state Senate races were presented to the Commission. Audited candidates included two Republicans and two Democrats: Jeff Holy and Marty McClendon, and Emily Randall and Jessa Lewis.   The four new limited-scope… read more
If you work for a government agency city, county or state in Washington, your agency may need to report lobbying. Your agency may have hired a contract lobbyist, or employees of your agency may need to report lobbying activity. Check our public agency lobbying instructions if you're not sure… read more
If you have an older computer, you may have the Internet Explorer browser on your computer. If you get on the Internet by clicking a symbol that looks like a lower case “e,” like this: then you are using Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is an older browser and the company that… read more
Go to the Financial Affairs online reporting system. Please note that the system is not compatible with Internet Explorer. Log into your account using your Secure Access Washington (SAW) user id and password. Under Financial Affairs Disclosure, click the green File button. Click on… read more
Commission issues $10,000 in fines for Kennewick Public Facilities District board members The Commission voted to fine five members of the Kennewick Public Facilities District Board for violating campaign finance laws during a 2017 unsuccessful campaign to increase sales taxes.   In a written… read more

You may be wondering whether loans and payments provided through COVID-19 relief programs are reportable in your F-1 Personal Financial Affairs Statement.

The Paycheck Protection Program's (PPP) unforgiven loans of $2,400 or more, made to you or a family member, should be reported within… read more

The Public Disclosure Commission is soliciting comment on a proposed interpretation to provide guidance for the designation and use of surplus campaign funds, as required under RCW 42.17A.430.

The proposed interpretation addresses the areas where the most frequently asked questions arise… read more


The Commission heard four enforcement cases involving late or missing Personal Financial Affairs (F-1) reports. Officials in each of the four cases had previous violations on record.

In each case, PDC staff sent multiple emails and other communications in an attempt to make… read more

The lobbyist application is designed for each user to have their own user account. If you are taking over the filing requirements for your organization, please create your own user account and then request to link to the lobbyist or lobbyist employer that you will be filing for in the… read more

When you start a new campaign as a candidate you may have surplus funds from a past election that you'd like to use for the new campaign.

If you're a candidate running for reelection to the same office, you may use funds from the previous election for your next election.

If you file… read more