The Public Disclosure Commission is soliciting comment on proposed permanent rules to implement a new state law regarding foreign involvement and financing in campaign activities.

Earlier this year, the Legislature passed Substitute Senate Bill 6152 prohibiting foreign national financing… read more

After you've repaid any loans to the campaign, whatever's left is surplus campaign funds. There are seven ways that you may use that leftover money.

Some of those ways are:

Donate to a charity registered with the Secretary of State's office. Leave the surplus funds in the campaign… read more

Updated Jan. 14, 2021

Dealing with COVID-19 these past few years means that we did a lot of things differently, including lobbying. You still might not invite the whole Legislature to a reception for a while. But what if you send the drinks and snacks to them? Or schedule a Zoom happy… read more

Commission adopts focus areas to meet strategic plan

The Commission approved five major focus areas for the agency as it works toward the values outlined in the PDC's strategic plan.

Commission Chairman David Ammons said the five projects align with the PDC's mission of promoting… read more

Lobbyists planning to lobby in an upcoming legislative session can complete their registration beginning in October.

State law requires registered lobbyists to file a new registration statement every two years. The deadline is the second Monday in January of odd-numbered years. Failure… read more

Your election campaign or political committee may wish to have a fundraiser with other candidates or committees. That's OK. You just need to pay attention to a few details.

A candidate's campaign can't donate to another candidate or to a political committee. One exception: You can donate… read more

We're now in the 21 days before the general election.

During these 21 days, campaigns for candidates on the general election ballot may not accept more than $7,500 from any donor, even the candidate (An exception: the state committee of a major or minor political party may give more).… read more

Any expenditure that is not directly related to the candidate's election campaign is prohibited.

Candidate campaign contributions may not be used to defray non-reimbursed expenses related to public office, or for charitable donations, club memberships, newspaper subscriptions,… read more

If you choose full reporting, then any money that you contribute to or spend on your campaign must be reported even if you accept no donations from anyone else.

There are several scenarios:

Your funds go into the campaign bank account and the campaign wants the option to pay you… read more
PDC levies fine against Joshua Freed for violation of campaign loan rules

The Public Disclosure Commission voted unanimously to fine former Bothell Mayor Joshua Freed $50,000 with half the penalty suspended for campaign violations related to personal loans to his unsuccessful 2020 campaign for… read more