If your committee is organized to support or oppose ballot measures like a committee that supports or opposes a school, fire, or library levy or bond we recommend that you register a separate campaign for each election.

If you register as a single-election committee, you only do one set… read more

A long-running case initiated by a Public Disclosure Commission investigation led to a court ruling Wednesday that initiative campaigner Tim Eyman intentionally violated state campaign finance laws.

Thurston County Superior Court Judge James J. Dixon found that Eyman misappropriated… read more

New Commission chair for 2021

Fred Jarrett presided over his first Commission meeting as chair. Jarrett joined the Commission in 2019, following a long career of public service as Mercer Island mayor, state senator and representative and senior deputy county executive in King County.

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If you or your organization employed a lobbyist at any time in 2020, you need to file a lobbyist employer's annual report, the form L-3. You should also file one if a lobbyist reported that they had a contract to lobby for you in 2020, even if they didn't actually end up lobbying. The due date… read more

If you file for a continuing political committee, such as a political party committee or some other committee that is not tied to one election, and the committee intends to use the mini reporting option this year, you must update the committee registration to indicate that.

Mini… read more

We are seeking feedback on a proposed reorganization of the PDC website so it can better serve you.

Please participate in an online study to test our new, draft structure.

Participation involves finding a location for information within the structure, and answering survey-style… read more

Attention all treasurers: ORCA version 1.300 is now available. This new version of the PDC's online campaign reporting software is currently optional, but will soon be required.

You should back up your campaign first, then update ORCA. To back up your data, follow these steps:

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In the PDC lobbying system, navigate to your lobbyist or lobbyist employer page. You'll see the names of every employer that you've lobbied for. Next to the employer's name is the word amend.

Click on amend. This is where you can change the details of your contract with this employer.… read more

New Commission Chair and Vice Chair

The Commission chose Fred Jarrett as its new chair to replace David Ammons, who presided over his final meeting.

Nancy Isserlis, a Spokane attorney who joined the Commission in 2020, replaces Jarrett as vice chair of the Commission.

Jarrett… read more

Occasionally, a candidate receives money that is not a contribution. Typical examples are bank interest, vendor refunds, and a reimbursement from another campaign for shared expenses.

These funds are deposited in the campaign bank account and reported as an "other receipt" on a C-3 report… read more