The Employer's Role

The lobbyist will complete a registration and the employer approves the registration statement. Since the form is usually filled out by the lobbyist, the employer's approval serves as confirmation that the information specified on the registration accurately reflects the lobbying arrangement. Until the employer approves the registration, the lobbyist may not participate in any lobbying activity, so it is crucial that the approval be done in a timely manner.

Employers should review all information in their electronic account for accuracy. When logged into the employer's account, review employer information by clicking "Edit Employer Information" in the "Employer Menu." Be sure the information correctly identifies the employer, the contact person, the employer's mailing address and a current email address. The PDC will send the L3 reminder and other employer notices to the email address listed in the employer information.

Also, make sure the employer's occupation, business type or purpose is accurately stated using the list shown below.

If the lobbyist employer is a membership organization, or a representative of businesses, groups, associations, or organizations then "Yes. The list is attached" box should be checked. You, as the employer, will have to supply the list of your members/funders who:

(1) have paid over $4,000 during either of the past two years in dues, fees or payments or

(2) are expected this year to pay over $4,000. If none of the members/funders exceeds either threshold, check the box "Yes. However no member/funder has paid, pays, or is expected to pay over $4,000."

Verify that any employer-affiliated political committee whose funds may be used by the lobbyist to make political contributions is accurately identified.

The individual who approves on behalf of the employer must certify that they are authorized to sign by clicking the "I certify" field on behalf of the employer named. This person will also approve the L-3 expense report. (Note, whenever a lobbyist registration is filed, an L-3 expense report must also be filed, regardless of whether any reportable expenses were made.)

Amendments to any of the information on the L-1 form are to be filed within one week of the change prompting the revision.