Travel and enrollment and course fee expenditures typically include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • transportation, lodging and other travel-related costs for legislators, legislative staff, state officials, state employees and their families;
  • company vehicle or air transport provided legislators, officials, legislative staff or other employees;
  • tuition, fees, travel, lodging and subsistence costs associated with a legislator, legislative staff, state official or employee attending a seminar or other training.

When a lobbyist draws upon the resources of the members of an association (or any other employer organization) to provide any of the above items, benefits and services, the lobbyist must report the value of the resources utilized and the identity of the member(s) who made them available.

Itemize all expenses associated with providing a state official, employee or a member of their family with travel, lodging, meals, field trips and other excursions, and other travel-related items. Include:

  • date of the event;
  • who attended and the amount attributable to each;
  • a description of the event (plus name and city where the event occurred);
  • the name of the sponsoring employer; and
  • the total spent.

Enrollment and course fees

Whenever a lobbyist or lobbyist employer either waives the fees charged other attendees and/or pays the expenses of a legislator, other state official or any state employee to attend any type of occasion permitted by RCW 42.52.010(9)(f), the value of everything provided and cost of expenses incurred are reported by the lobbyist on the entertainment tab.

Expenditures by the lobbyist or lobbyist employer for field trips or other excursions provided to elected and appointed officials must be disclosed on the L-2 report. Notify the individuals of the cost of travel provided to them so that so that they can fulfill their annual reporting requirement.